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Small, medium and large area infrared emitters combined with state of the art receivers. Ideal for hearing assistance, simultaneous language interpretation, audio description or private listening applications. Select from the products below.

  • Easy to install
  • Secure – transmission confined within opaque walls
  • Resistant to RF interference

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An infrared sound system consists of infrared transmitters, radiators and receivers. The radiator produces invisible, infrared light from an input source (supplied via the transmitter and captured via a microphone or PA source, for example) that wireless, IR receivers first convert into an audio signal that can be listened to using headphones or connected to a hearing aid via neck-loop. Our Infrared products are ultra sensitive and have the best pick-up and range, they can also be used in conjunction with OEM systems where coverage is poor.

Infrared audio systems can provide a simple solution where a hearing loop is not present or physically possible to install. Infrared hearing systems can also be used for multiple audio channels, for example a service provider might use their IR system not only for assistive listening, but also for more general audio instruction services or translation.

The new IR Plus from Williams AV is the industry’s first IR system that combines secure infrared and optional WaveCast audio over Wi-Fi delivery in a single affordable box. This scalable Infrared System uses Distributed Emitter IR array design to accommodate up to 16 emitters with flexible coverage in up to 288,000 square feet (26,750 square meters).