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About us

Ampetronic and Listen Technologies have joined forces to establish a singular, market-leading hub for cutting-edge audio solutions. Together, they will offer the most comprehensive array of solutions on a global scale, ensuring clear audio in demanding listening environments.

Commencing January 1, 2024, Listen Technologies will serve as the sole distributor for Ampetronic hearing loop systems in North America, while Ampetronic will act as the representative for Listen Technologies solutions in the UK and Ireland.

Listen Technologies and Ampetronic were acquired by Systematic Growth, an investment company that builds groups of companies that have synergies so they can work together on new revenue opportunities, share best practices, and grow faster.

Systematic Growth formed the Allvida accessibility group in 2020 with companies that provide products focused on hearing, mobility, and visual accessibility. Ampetronic joined the Allvida group in 2020 and Listen joined in early 2023. Read more about the acquisition and Allvida. 

Ampetronic and Listen both share a commitment to enhancing audio experiences for individuals and venues alike. As industry leaders, they possess a distinctive chance to cooperate on technology that can greatly enhance the quality of life for those with hearing impairments.

Together, they will lead the way towards a future where assistive listening technology is more globally accessible, effective, and inclusive than ever before.