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Ampetronic core values are apparent in all of our induction loop related products and services and set us apart from any other businesses providing assistive listening solutions. We strongly believe in improving the life of the hearing impaired not just ticking a compliance box. Simply producing the best products is not enough, we also provide extensive support from free advice to site surveys, system design, training and commissioning to all our customers.

Through our 25 years as the World Leader in Induction Loop systems we have created products that are truly set apart from others in the market, providing substantial benefit to installers, operators and end users alike.

Sound quality

Ampetronic equipment produces excellent quality sound, designed to eliminate clipping, limiting and distortion. Amplification is tailored to the needs of the hearing impaired, ensuring faithful reproduction of higher frequency sounds (2 – 5kHz) that are critical for speech intelligibility and the enjoyment of music.

All Ampetronic amplifiers (or drivers) are designed to provide ample power to ensure that the loop can generate the correct signal strength as well as sufficient voltage headroom that is reqiuired to prevent distortion.

Reliability and warranties

Quality underpins our business, from the relationship with our customers to the performance and reliability of our products. We are an ISO9001 registered company and manufacture to the highest standards using a 100% test regime. Our products offer the lowest life time cost in the industry and for added peace of mind, they are backed by a 5 year warranty.


IEC60118-4 is the international Standards for induction loop systems. It is the installation of the loop driver with signal feeds and loop cable that need to comply. All systems specified by Ampetronic and correctly installed will meet this standard. We can help you design compliant systems or do it for you.

Support services

Whatever your application we will offer you responsive and comprehensive support for any or all aspects of your project. Our highly experienced team can guide you through all aspects of induction loop system design, specification, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance. Our support services are unique in the industry.


Our core products are suitable for a diverse range of applications and environmental extremes and are complemented by a range of adaptors and accessories to facilitate integration. For more demanding or unusual applications we provide a bespoke design service.