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W-TL S20 Convey Video – discontinued

W-TL S20 Convey Video Real Time Language Translation

WilliamsAV are making inclusion easier for all with the new real-time, open captioning system with translation abilities, W-TL S20 Convey Video Real Time Language Translation

Powered by Google’s artificial intelligence platform, Convey Video eliminates the barriers of language with real-time translation and has the ability to transcribe up to 109 languages and 153 dialects with up to 94% accuracy.  In addition to real-time continuous translation, Convey Video provides accurate speech-to-text transcription and archiving of all events.

Convey Video can be easily integrated into an array of video environments with an easy language selection and set up using a keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen. Personalization can be easily set by an integrator and/or end-user for language, text size, selectable 1-3 lines of text, color, background, and text location. Convey Video offers an alternative when live interpreters are not available or within the scope of budget and provides flexible monthly payment options to fit different application needs.

How It Works

Convey Video takes audio input from a mixer and sends the audio to the Google Cloud for real-time translation captioning. Convey allows the translation to be seen as text on a video overlay.

See latest enhancements included in release v1.8 below.

Existing customers can download release v1.8 at no cost and apply using the Convey update process as outlined in the user guide.

Instructions to Access Firmware Update: https://williamsav.com/wpcontent/uploads/2021/02/largeFileDownload.pdf



W-TL S20

For more information on Convey Video contact our expert team on: +44 (0) 1636 610062 or email: sales@ampetronic.com

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