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W-NKL 001 S Neckloop 18″ Stereo

Neckloop – 3-pole connector, for WF-R1 – for use with Pocketalker 2.0. Use with hearing aids or cochlear implants equipped with a T-coil switch. 3.5mm stereo plug, mono, 8-16 Ohms. Moderate to severe hearing loss.

Safety Breakaway Feature
Integrated safety breakaway device. In the event the neckloop cord becomes entangled with a object in motion, the breakaway device will disconnect the neckloop from the user.

Code: W-NKL 001 S

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  • Features
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    • Integrated safety breakaway device
    • 18″ Cord
    • Adult size
    • 3.5 mm stereo plug
    • monoaural
    • 8-16 ohm
    • Recommended for PockeTalker 2.0, FM receivers and select IR receivers
    • For individuals with moderate to severe hearing loss

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