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W-IR T2 medium-area IR transmitter

SoundPlus® IR T2 commercial-grade, medium-area infrared transmitter. Its sleek, compact footprint is ideal for assistive listening and language interpretation in commercial spaces such as conference rooms, assisted living facilities, small cinema/theaters, classrooms and courtrooms.

The new IR T2 infrared transmitter offers 50 percent greater coverage than the previous IR device (WIR TX75) and new control system readiness – all at a more affordable price.
With a significantly wider coverage pattern and more power, there is no need for the additional expense of secondary units.

Includes mounting hardware W-BKT 024

This device has replaced the WIR TX75.

Code: W-IR T2

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  • Example Configurations
    • Up to 18,000 square feet (1673 m2) of coverage using high-efficiency infrared LEDs
    • Two Phoenix-style line-level inputs and one 3.5mm microphone input
    •  Provides for one- or two-channel operation
    • Flexible channels — operating frequencies of 2.3/2.8 or 3.3/3.8MHz are supported in one unit.
    • Use both channels (A/B) for high-quality stereo output
    • Compatible with Williams Sound infrared receivers (WIR RX18 and WIR RX22-4N)
    • Commercial-grade design for indoor environments
    • Easy-to-read power status and audio input indicators rear panel
    • Power-saving mode turns the unit off after no audio is present for 12 minutes.
    • Wall/ceiling mount bracket included. Top or bottom mounting option.
  • Dimensions: Weight: 9.0″ W (229 mm) x 3.8″ D (97 mm) x 1.4″ H (36 mm), 0.84 lb. (0.38 kg)
    Color: Black
    Power Supply: TFP 057 (or TFP 061 with certain systems) Desktop style international certified power supply with IEC line cord, 100-240 VAC input, 50-60 Hz, 18 W; 48 VDC output
    DC Power Input: 2.1 mm ID barrel connector, 48 VDC, 0.2A, center positive
    Power Indicator: Green LED
    Sleep/Power Save Mode: Shuts off carrier when no audio is present for 12 minutes
    Modulation: FM Wideband, ±50 kHz deviation max, 50 μS pre-emphasis
    Emitter IR Power: 0.7 W
    Baseband Frequencies: 2.3, 2.8, 3.3, 3.8 MHz
    Channels: Indicators: Yellow LEDs indicate whether 2.3/2.8 MHz or 3.3./3.8 MHz baseband frequencies are selected
    Coverage Area: Up to 18,000 sq. ft (1,673 sq. m) in single-channel mode with the RX22-4 receiver
    Microphone input: 3.5 mm, stereo jack with signal and bias connected to tip, electret microphone compatible (6 VDC bias supply with 2.7 k ohm series resistor)
    Microphone gain adjust: Rotary 10 dB range
    Microphone channel switch: Selects microphone input to Ch. A or Ch. B
    Audio Inputs / Controls: Line inputs: Phoenix style connector jack for Ch A and Ch B accept line level, balanced or unbalanced audio
    Audio indicators: One yellow LED per channel. Lights up and stay on steady with minimum audio level.
    Indicators On/Off: Momentary contact switch turns on/off indicator lights
    Frequency Selection: Press and hold momentary contact switch to change carrier frequency group.
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 70 dB (line input)
    Frequency Response: 95 Hz to 17.6 kHz, -3 dB re 1 kHz (line inputs)
    125 Hz to 17.0 KHz, -3 dB re 1 kHz (microphone input)
    Total Harmonic Distortion: <1% (1 kHz, nominal deviation, line or microphone input)
    Control/Monitoring: 3-wire RS-232 bus, standard ASCII commands/replies, 115200 Baud rate (8N1). See the IR T2 Programmers Guide for more information.
    Operating Requirements: 32°-122°F (0-50°C)
    Mounting Kit: Wall or Ceiling mount: BKT 024 Omnidirectional mount
    Warranty: 5 Years
    Approvals: CE, FCC, Industry Canada, WEEE, RoHS, CB Scheme, RCM, PSE
    Compatible Receivers: WIR RX22-4, WIR RX18, IR R1

    • (1) IR T2 infrared transmitter
    • (1) BKT 024 wall / ceiling mounting bracket
    • (1) TFP 057 international power supply with line cord
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    Consultant specifications:

    Programmer guide:

    POE Guide:

  • The W-IR T2 can be controlled remotely via RS-232 commands. The commands include:

    • Powering the unit on/off
    • Remotely setting the IR frequency (2.3/2.8 or 3.3/3.8)
    • Muting the outgoing audio without powering off
    • Turning back panel LEDs on or off
    • Troubleshooting abilities

    A full list of commands is available on the downloads tab in the IR T2 Programmer’s Guide.

    Poe howworks irt2

    The power can be supplied by the included power supply, or over a Power Over Ethernet (POE) connection. Using W-POE KT 1 or W-POE KT 2, the POE connection and an additional run for RS-232 commands or audio can be run through one cable. For more information, go to the downloads tab and read the IR T2 POE Wiring Guide.

  • IR SY4 Commercial-grade, medium-area infrared transmitter system.
    System includes:
    (1) IR T2 medium-area infrared transmitter,
    (5) IR RX20 two-channel stethoset infrared receivers,
    (1) CHG 520 Charger,
    (1) BKT 024 wall/ceiling mount,
    (1) IDP 008 ADA wall plaque and
    (1) TFP 057 power supply.
    IR SY5 Commercial-grade, medium-area infrared transmitter system.
    System includes:
    (1) IR T2 medium-area infrared transmitter,
    (3) WIR RX22-4 four-channel infrared receivers,
    (3) HED 021 folding headphones,
    (2) NKL 001 neckloops,
    (3) BAT 001-2 AA alkaline batteries,
    (1) BKT 024 wall/ceiling mount,
    (1) IDP 008 ADA wall plaque and
    (1) TFP 057 power supply.
    Replaces WIR SYS 7522 PRO.
    IR SY6 Commercial-grade, medium-area infrared transmitter system.  Ideal for Portable applications.
    System includes:
    (1) IR T2 medium-area infrared transmitter,
    (2) WIR RX22-4 four-channel infrared receivers,
    (1) MIC 149 microphone,
    (2) EAR 022 surround earphones,
    (2) NKL 001 neckloops,
    (2) BAT 001-2 AA alkaline batteries,
    (1) IDP 008 ADA wall plaque,
    (1) CCS 056 carry case,
    (1) STD 007 table-top tripod,
    (1) TFP 0061 power supply and
    (1) WCA 135-12 foot shielded cable.  Replaces WIR SYS 75P PRO.


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