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W-IR-M1 IR Plus Modulator

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  • Dual Technology. Industry first that combines secure infrared audio delivery and optional Wi-Fi audio delivery in a single affordable box
  • Flexibility/coverage. This scalable Infrared System uses Distributed Emitter Array design to accommodate up to 16 emitters with flexible coverage in up to 288,000 square feet (26,750 square meters).
  • Streamlined and cost effective install. Each emitter is connected with a single CAT 5e/6 cable that carries power and audio.
  • Replaces Williams Sound MOD 232 / WIR TX9 DC and similar traditional IR products in the market.

The new IR Plus is the industry’s first IR system that combines secure infrared and optional WaveCast audio over WiFi delivery in a single affordable box. This scalable Infrared System uses Distributed Emitter Array design to accommodate up to 16 emitters with flexible coverage in up to 288,000 square feet (26,750 square meters).

The IR Plus features a distributed infrared emitter array architecture allowing up to four emitters either stacked together for large room arrays or distributed throughout the room to accommodate wings in room design, balconies or other obscured venue locations.

The rack mounted or remotely located IR modulator comes standard with support for up to four IR emitters. Each emitter runs back to the modulator via a Cat-6 cable, providing the audio and power needed to support the remote emitter. Very large room applications can be supported by adding up to four IR modulators to support a total of 16 IR emitters.

The IR Plus system can be controlled and monitored remotely via an internal webpage, allowing for easy and flexible setup and control. The integrated Ethernet provides easy connection to the building network or a dedicated system-only network.

The IR Plus system also feature a WaveCAST network output for streaming audio via WiFi when combined with a wireless access point. The WaveCAST WiFi Assistive Listening Output features an iOS or Android app for supporting mobile devices. The WaveCAST WiFi system can also be used with the Williams Sound WF R1 WiFi receiver for those that don’t want to use mobile devices.

Connect the IR M1 to a WiFi multicast router or in-house network you can stream audio over Wi-Fi to the Williams AV WaveCAST app (available in the iOS app store or Google Play store).


  • Courtrooms
  • Education
  • Theaters
  • Auditoriums
  • Place of Worship

W-IR M1 IR+ Modulator (UK)
W-IR M1D IR+ Modulator with Dante (UK)
W-IR E4 IR+ Emitter
W-IR A4 Emitter Array
W-IR ME1 IR+ System with IR M1 + IR E4 (UK)
W-IR ME1D IR+ System Dante with IR M1 D + IR E4 (UK)
W-IR ME2 IR+ Flex System with IR M1 + 2 x IR E4  (UK)
W-IR ME2D IR+ Flex System Dante with IR M1 D + 2 x IR E4 (UK)

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  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Downloads
  • Configurations
    • Two channels of multicast Wi-Fi audio delivery to support BYOD applications. (industry first)
    • Dante input option. (industry first)
    • Network Control Web interface (industry first)
    • IR E4 Emitter Coverage up to 18,000 Square Feet.
    • Free WaveCast listening App. (Apple & Android)
    • True DSP backbone allows for optimization of assistive listening for the venue
    • New OLED display offers detailed status information.
    • Enhanced LED technology runs cooler providing longer life span and requires less energy.
    • IR M1 has firmware that can be updated in the field ensuring all emitters and arrays are compatible and up to date.
    • Compatible with all Williams Sound 2.3-3.8MHz Infrared Receivers and
      WF R1 Wi-Fi receivers.
  • Dimensions: 19” (W) x 1.75” (H) x 8.2” (D)
    (48.3 cm x 4.5 cm x 20.8 cm)
    Weight: 5.2lb. (2.4 kg)
    Color: Black
    Rack Mount: Single Rack Unit
    Power Supply: International Desktop Supply
    Input: 36 W, 110-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
    Output: +48VDC, 0.75A center-positive
    Power Switch: Rocker switch with LED
    Modulation: FM Wideband, +50kHz deviation, 50uS pre-emphasis
    Carrier Frequency: Selectable, 2.3/2.8 or 3.3/3.8MHz
    Frequency Response: 40 to 16,000Hz, +1 dB, -3dB, electrical response
    Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 2%, electrical response
    Audio Processor Functions: DSP based; Compression 1:1, 1:5:1, or 2:1; High-pass and low-pass filter frequency control
    Auto Carrier Shut-Off: Adjustable timer shuts off carrier when no audio is present. Adjustable through webpage.
    Infrared Test LED: Dual IR LED for receiver testing, monitoring, and audio signal testing.
    Audio Input: (2x) Combination 3-pin XLR, 1/4” (TRS) jack for balanced or unbalanced line level, or balanced or unbalanced microphone with selectable phantom power
    Dante: Optional
    Internal Test Tone: 400 Hz internal test tone selectable as audio input source for setup and diagnostics
    Remote Configuration: Available through embedded website
    Headphone Output: (2) 1/4″ headphone jacks on front panel for monitoring CH A and CH B audio inputs
    Emitter Output Jack: Four RJ-45 ports for CAT5e cables; provides +48VDC Power, RS-485 communication, and Baseband signals for IR transmission.
    Operating requirements: 0-50ºC ambient temperature, non-condensing, non-corrosive atmosphere
    Approvals: CE, FCC, RoHS, RCM, WEEE, CB Scheme, ISED, VCCI
    Warranty: 2 years on Modulator, 90 days on accessories
  • Example configurations

    Example 1: single channel

    Example 2: 2 channels

    Example 3: Room divisions

    Example 4: 4 Channels



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